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Short cuts suits to heal you today, Mari Haneda where the cuteness of small animals is conspicuous. On the immediate scale after arriving at the entrance by uniform, it does not suit the face that seems to be pure and it will be choked with its mouth folded, crisply scratched ahead, or she looks happily. We prepared a healing full course for you to heal you, such as a bath etch in a school swimsuit, brawn play in a gym uniform, etc. Do you want us to heal everything you do in Mari? Is it?

今日アナタを癒すのはショートカットが似合う、小動物系の可愛さが目立つ羽田真里。 制服で玄関に到着後の即尺では清純そうな顔に似合わず口をすぼめてチューチューしたり、先っぽをカリカリ引っかいたり、楽しそうにフェラ。スクール水着姿でのお風呂エッチ、体操服姿での素股プレイ等、アナタを癒す為の真里なりの癒しフルコースをご用意しました! 今日は真里にアナタの疲れ全てを癒してもらいませんか?