Miyuki Sakura, who has long hair, big eyes, and thin but outstanding proportions, is making her debut on 1pondo! !! He plays a nasty bride in the popular series Model Collection! Miyuki-chan came to the wedding hall for a meeting. When I talked with the person in charge and tried on the wedding dress I had longed for, the person in charge completely lost reason and went out of control (forgot my position) because of its beauty. Roll up the dressed up from the hem, insert a thick cock as if it were a wedding celebration, and even vaginal cum shot! Miyuki Sakura, who has hit a bridal planner who can't help it with a terrible help, seems to be not completely satisfied with a different cock before marriage. .. It is a must-see for you to be in agony in a wedding dress! !!   サラサラロングヘアーに大きな瞳、細みながらも抜群のプロポーションをした紗倉みゆきちゃんが一本道に初登場!!人気シリーズ「モデルコレクション」で淫らな花嫁を演じてくれます!結婚式場に打ち合わせにやってきたみゆきちゃん。担当者と話しを進め、念願のウエディングドレスを試着すると、、、そのあまりの美しさに担当者が完全に理性を失い暴走(自分の立場も忘れ)しちゃいます。せっかく着飾ったドレスを裾から捲り上げ、結婚のご祝儀代わりと言わんばかりに極太チンポをブチ込み、更に中出しまで!とんだ助平でどうしようもないブライダルプランナーに当たってしまった紗倉みゆきちゃん、、結婚前の違ったチンポを味わい満更でもない様子。。ウエディングドレス姿で悶え狂う様は必見です!!