The super treasure picture of super popular AV idol Noriko Kago who has produced nearly 100 works has been released! This work is a record of her Hamehame video before her debut, and it is very valuable! Youthfulness, freshness, and shyness are felt, and the eroticism is several times higher than other works! First, take off her shining clothes on the bed and check the sensitivity of the tits and pussy. And in the shower scene where the beautiful white skin glows erotically, you can fully appreciate the slender beauty body. In the long-awaited insertion time, a fierce fuck without rubber & cum shot! A fresh beauty pussy with few experience points was pounded by her pounding, and her knees were jealous with intenseness and pleasure! The camera angle, which has a great presence unique to Gonzo, is very erotic! Even before the debut, it feels like a true orthodox and innocent woman! It's really messed up!   100本近い作品を生み出したスーパー人気AVアイドル・加護範子ちゃんの秘蔵のお宝映像を大公開!なんとこの作品は、彼女のデビュー前のハメハメ映像を記録したもので、とってもとっても貴重なものなんです!若さ、初々しさ、恥じらいっぷりが感じられてエロ度は他の作品より数倍上!まずはベッドの上で照れる彼女の服を脱がし、オッパイやマンコの感度をチェック。そして美しい白い肌がエロ光りするシャワーシーンでツルッツルの美ボディをたっぷりと鑑賞。待ちに待った挿入タイムでは、ゴムなし&中出しの壮絶なファックを繰り広げる!経験値が少ない新鮮美マンコをガンガンに突かれ、激しさと快感で彼女のヒザはもうガクガク!ハメ撮りならではの臨場感抜群のカメラアングルが、これまたエロさをひきたてる!デビュー前というだけあって、これぞ正真正銘の正統派・清純派の女のコって感じがします!めちゃめちゃヌけますよこれは!