Ikase the daughter who has never been in SEX! Hikaru Nakamura who is cheerful and healthy. 22 years old. Hikaru-chan, who has experienced 3 people, but has never been there while a cock is on. However, it seems to be cool if you clear the chestnuts with your finger. That should have been the long masturbation calendar since waking up by rubbing the crotch on the futon when I was in 4th grade. Even so, it's also a problem that self-development with masturbation has never happened with a cock. Here, let's have a first time SEX by Hikaru-chan with professional actor's tech and cock!

SEXでイったことが無い娘をイカセ!明るくて健康的な色気がある中村ひかるちゃん。22才。経験人数3人くらいだけど、一度もおちんちんが入っている間にイったことがないひかるちゃん。でも、自分の指でクリちゃんをクリクリするとイケちゃうんだそうです。それもそのはず、小学4年生の頃に布団に股間をこすり付けていて目覚めてからという長~いオナニー暦。それにしても、オナニーで自己開発しちゃって、おちんぽでイったことが無いというのも困りモノ。 ここは、プロの男優さんのテクとおちんぽでひかるちゃんに初イキSEXしちゃってもらいましょう!